Whether you are a traveler or a resident, hiring or accompanying an escort throughout your stay can provide you with an amusing experience. If you really want to spend a good time with your escort, the first thing you should do is to appreciate her company. The fact that she will provide you with pleasure, sex, and accompaniment for money does not mean that she is a person who has no value or can be considered a commodity to be sold and bought. So many escorts are very smart and sensible. They know almost every person’s pattern. In fact, there some rules that you are to follow just to keep things going well.

Show appreciation and respect

Do you think you should treat your escort like a whore? Some men are wrong to not show kindness and respect for their escorts after a period of time in their relationship, which can sometimes destabilize such a relationship. So be sure to continue to compliment your escort and show respect and love for her on all occasions and at appropriate times, so that she can realize her importance and feel familiarity and comfort with you.

Honesty and frankness

The relationship can be enhanced by honesty and frankness through posing difficult questions and criticisms that may guide her to the right path and to see the truth. Strong relationships are always based on truthfulness and on telling the truth continuously over time.

Behave as a Gentleman

The worst thing an escort cannot accept from you is not to behave in style. Do not behave like an ass! Yep, everything is under your thumb. However, this does not give you the right to behave with her like an ass. This means that you should not be violent unless you both have agreed on a sort of violence beforehand. Some escorts favor mild violence during intimacy. This is what you both must agree on together, especially as this type of violence can bestow more fun and excitement on this intimate relationship.


If you hire an escort, then you have to be careful to avoid any embarrassing actions. You might think that escorts are like whores. You are wrong. In order not to fall into such a disappointing situation, get through the following Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Talk Decently

The success of any relationship with an escort depends on the way you talk to her. If you are speaking in an offensive way, it may hurt her feelings and the relationship between you will deteriorate. Therefore, she will not be able to provide the service you are looking for. You should not also talk to her directly about sex because she might see it as an insult. Always talk to her in a decent way.

  • Give True Personal Information

All escorts prefer to know some of your personal information. They, sure, will use such information to know a little about you.

  • Use Cash as a Payment process


Actually, cash dominates this industry. When you meet your escort, you should define the payment method that is often made in cash. Your escort may reject any other method such as credit cards or checks.

  • Don’t Disclose Too Much Information

Although you are advised to give true information about yourself, and although you should introduce yourself to your escort or to the escort agency, it is advisable not to give the most vital information.

  • Don’t Be Too Shy

Some men seem to be shy particularly in their first meeting with an escort. You are not to be so otherwise you will spoil your relationship at the first blush. Try to talk easily and naturally and do your best to grasp her attention with bombastic, dare speech.


It is important for you to stick closely to the above-mentioned tips if you want to have an intimate and distinct relationship with your escort.

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