Finding an Escort the Right Way

Many people think that finding an escort is an easy task: looking through a directory website, choosing a phone number, and contacting an escort service. It is not that easy!

You should be aware that there are some pitfalls and difficulties with finding the appropriate escort. There are some important considerations that you should keep in mind, especially if you are a novice or has no experience:

  • She might rob you or put you in an embarrassing situation.
  • She might ask you to give her more private information about yourself.
  • She might turn out to be a cop! Will you get arrested?
  • When should you give her the money?
  • Will you negotiate with her about the money she asks for?

Such queries help in making the realm of escort services very complicated and embarrassing. To make things simpler, the following plan will help you find your escort easily.

(1) Research for Finding a Good Escort

This is the most significant step to begin your journey to find the best escort. Once you have succeeded in finding a good escort, the following steps will be much easier.

To take the first step successfully, there are some famous websites for escort services, which you should search. For example Agency Barracuda are one of London’s most established agencies and have a great selection of great escorts waiting for you.

If there are some smaller websites in your area, it will be useful to search them and look at the profiles but make sure you only deal with reputable agencies. I always recommend searching the most famous and biggest websites.

Try to do better research by doing the following:

  • If you see the escort’s picture is too real to be a true one, then you should make more research!
  • Studio shows are sometimes mere bait. Try to be sure whether the shows and pictures are real.

Its also worth considering any specifics niches you may have. For example you may be a fan of Blonde Escorts in which case you need tp make sure that any agency you consider has a good selection of Blonde Escorts for you to consider.

(2) Call the Service

Be well prepared for your call. After you have done careful research, make the call to set your appointment. You had better follow these tips:

  • Do not ask explicit questions about sexual status and intercourse.
  • Decide the time and place of the appointment, and define alternative times in case your choice is not available.
  • There are some factors that decide the price, including the time (usually one hour), the escort’s beauty, the escort’s age, and the level of service.
  • An escort might ask about some references including some escorts you have met in the past, verification credentials, or job information. Most experts suggest being a bit frank. 

(3) Preparing for the Date

Preparation for the date always depends on the type of call whether it is an outcall or incall.

  • In the case of outcall, you will be the host. In this case, you should be careful about hygiene. Clean and tidy your room well.
  • Prepare a new (unused) toilet and untouched toiletries to your escort.
  • Use bottled water and high-quality drinks.  

(4) Dating Time

You might think that the date is the easiest part of this long journey. Do not worry; you are right. However, one mistake might spoil a romantic appointment. To sum up, follow these tips:

  • Be careful about the way of payment. Place the money in an envelope and locate the envelope in a place where the escort can spot very easily. You can place it on the dresser.
  • Use a mirror while your escort is stripping and taking her clothes off bit by bit. Enjoy the scene as much as you can.

Conclusion I think you are now well prepared for a new appointment with the best escort. Nevertheless, you are recommended to get through more websites to have more experience. Have a nice time!

My Experiences with an Escort

I just want the readers to share some of my experiences with one of my escorts. Some readers may benefit from these experiences and become ready to deal with their escorts in a proper and enjoyable manner.

The Start

I started thinking about taking advantage of escort services two years ago when I was 23 years old. At that time, I had no idea how to use the service or how to get it or deal with it. Therefore, I searched Google to see articles about how to hire an escort as well as the method of dealing with escorts.

At that time, my company decided to make a trip to one of Canada’s major cities and booked me a room at a famous hotel. As soon as I got into the room, I searched the directory for escort services.

In the evening, there was free beer in the reception hall and almost everywhere in the hotel. Of course, I scratched from the beer and had some drinks until I got drunk.

At 9 O’clock, I went to my room and decided to call an escort. The escort responded to my call and promised to attend me within half an hour at most. However, it took more than an hour, and then I called another escort.  

Things Developed Swiftly

Within minutes, one of the two escorts arrived; I do not know which one of them arrived. The very interesting thing was that she began to give me massage that made me very excited. Although she noticed that I became very excited, she preferred to negotiate with me about the price before the sexual encounter. She told me she needed $400.

Severe Need for Sex

I got excited, and all the muscles in my body began to cramp in the extreme need to have sex with this beautiful escort. However, although this was not the first time I had sex, I felt a bit helpless and did not know why. Even at the end of the encounter, I noticed that I was not able to ejaculate.

Meanwhile, the bell rang. The other escort was standing in front of me demanding to enter. I asked her to wait for less than a minute and went to tell my escort that there was another escort waiting at the door. Nevertheless, she insisted on refusing to let her share our encounter. Therefore, I apologized to her.

No Intimacy! Why?

The entire encounter took about an hour. I started thinking: “Oh My God!”  What did I do? Did I pay a lot of money and spend no more than a few minutes just for a pussy?

Although my escort was a beautiful lady, our sexual encounter did not have any kind of intimacy. Actually, I felt disappointed. In addition, it was too expensive.

I tried to take possession of myself and consider that experience just a passing event from which I can learn a lot. The first thing I learned was that having sex with a strange escort could not include the intimacy and pleasure which encounter with a close girlfriend friend may provide.

My Second Experience My second experience was fantastic. During my encounter with a beautiful young lady, I tried to convince myself that I loved her. It was a nice feeling! I also tried to imagine that she was one of my favorite girlfriends. Therefore, there was a lot of intimacy in our sexual relationship. Have you seen an escort experience like this?

How to Treat an Escort

Whether you are a traveler or a resident, hiring or accompanying an escort throughout your stay can provide you with an amusing experience. If you really want to spend a good time with your escort, the first thing you should do is to appreciate her company. The fact that she will provide you with pleasure, sex, and accompaniment for money does not mean that she is a person who has no value or can be considered a commodity to be sold and bought. So many escorts are very smart and sensible. They know almost every person’s pattern. In fact, there some rules that you are to follow just to keep things going well.

Show appreciation and respect

Do you think you should treat your escort like a whore? Some men are wrong to not show kindness and respect for their escorts after a period of time in their relationship, which can sometimes destabilize such a relationship. So be sure to continue to compliment your escort and show respect and love for her on all occasions and at appropriate times, so that she can realize her importance and feel familiarity and comfort with you.

Honesty and frankness

The relationship can be enhanced by honesty and frankness through posing difficult questions and criticisms that may guide her to the right path and to see the truth. Strong relationships are always based on truthfulness and on telling the truth continuously over time.

Behave as a Gentleman

The worst thing an escort cannot accept from you is not to behave in style. Do not behave like an ass! Yep, everything is under your thumb. However, this does not give you the right to behave with her like an ass. This means that you should not be violent unless you both have agreed on a sort of violence beforehand. Some escorts favor mild violence during intimacy. This is what you both must agree on together, especially as this type of violence can bestow more fun and excitement on this intimate relationship.


If you hire an escort, then you have to be careful to avoid any embarrassing actions. You might think that escorts are like whores. You are wrong. In order not to fall into such a disappointing situation, get through the following Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Talk Decently

The success of any relationship with an escort depends on the way you talk to her. If you are speaking in an offensive way, it may hurt her feelings and the relationship between you will deteriorate. Therefore, she will not be able to provide the service you are looking for. You should not also talk to her directly about sex because she might see it as an insult. Always talk to her in a decent way.

  • Give True Personal Information

All escorts prefer to know some of your personal information. They, sure, will use such information to know a little about you.

  • Use Cash as a Payment process


Actually, cash dominates this industry. When you meet your escort, you should define the payment method that is often made in cash. Your escort may reject any other method such as credit cards or checks.

  • Don’t Disclose Too Much Information

Although you are advised to give true information about yourself, and although you should introduce yourself to your escort or to the escort agency, it is advisable not to give the most vital information.

  • Don’t Be Too Shy

Some men seem to be shy particularly in their first meeting with an escort. You are not to be so otherwise you will spoil your relationship at the first blush. Try to talk easily and naturally and do your best to grasp her attention with bombastic, dare speech.


It is important for you to stick closely to the above-mentioned tips if you want to have an intimate and distinct relationship with your escort.